Adding Saxon customizations

Plug-ins can contribute XSLT extension functions and collation URI resolvers. These customizations are automatically configured to work with Saxon when transformations are run using the DITA-OT <pipeline> task with custom XSLT.

Plug-ins can provide the following Saxon extensions:
  • Extension functions
  • Collation URI resolvers

Extensions are declared in plug-in-provided JAR files using the Java ServiceLoader feature that looks for service-declaring files in JAR files and loads classes. This requires adding one or more files in the META-INF/services directory in plug-in-provided JAR files.

You can create the file manually or generate it dynamically using <service> elements in Ant <jar> tasks. See the topics for the different extension types for details.

These extensions use the DITA Open Toolkit Ant <pipeline> element to wrap <xslt> elements. You can do this in plug-ins as shown in this excerpt from the DITA Community I18N plugin’s build.xml file:
<target name="org.dita-community.i18n-saxon-extension-test">
  <pipeline message="Test the DITA Community i18n Saxon extension functions"

Normal XSLT extensions to built-in transformation types will automatically have the extensions available to them.

The dynamic Saxon configuration is implemented in the class org.dita.dost.module.XsltModule, which backs the <pipeline>/<xslt> element.