Community Support Forums

DITA Open Toolkit is developed and maintained by a small group of volunteers who work on the project in their spare time.

With these limited resources, we can’t offer direct support, but the DITA community offers several other forums, including:

  • The Yahoo! dita-users group is the original DITA list-serv and a vital resource for the DITA community. People post regularly, both asking for and offering help. While the archived messages can be difficult to search, this is a treasure trove of information.
  • The DITA-OT Users Google Group is a general interest DITA-OT product forum, for questions on any aspect of the toolkit — from installation and getting started to questions about specific overrides, plug-ins, and customizations.
  • The StackOverflow developer community includes topics related to DITA-OT.
  • The OASIS DITA Technical Committee maintains the DITA standard.