Who We Are

DITA Open Toolkit is developed and maintained by a small group of volunteers who work on the project in their spare time.

The toolkit was originally developed within IBM and was open-sourced in 2005. Since that time, DITA-OT has been updated significantly by various companies and individuals.

Core Committers

Robert D Anderson

Robert is the project lead and a core developer of DITA-OT, representing Oracle. He's also the co-editor of the OASIS DITA specification and occasionally writes about DITA & DITA-OT at metadita.org.

Jarno Elovirta

Jarno is the lead developer of DITA-OT, working on the project as an individual contributor in his spare time. He occasionally writes development-related posts at elovirta.com and is available for commercial projects via Wunderdog.

Documentation Lead

Roger W. Fienhold Sheen

Roger is an information architect and independent DITA consultant at infotexture. He helps to maintain the DITA-OT documentation and project website in his spare time.

Additional Contributors

Previous Contributors

  • Eric Sirois, IBM — Core developer
  • 沈剑乐 (Jian Le Shen, “Jason”), IBM — Primary developer within IBM
  • Reuven Weiser, Suite Solutions — PDF2 plug-in developer
  • Don Day, IBM — Original project lead
  • Stephen Zhang, IBM — Primary developer through the first several years of the toolkit
  • Chris Wong — Original contributor of the PDF2 plugin
  • Deborah Pickett, Moldflow — Frequent developer and contributor
  • Dick Johnson and Anna van Raaphorst, VR Communications, Inc — Original contributors of the DITA User Guide
  • Rob Justice, individual contributor — DITA-OT documentation
  • Aryeh Sanders, Suite Solutions — PDF2 plug-in developer