Rebuilding the DITA-OT documentation

When you add or remove plug-ins, you can rebuild the documentation to update the information on the extension points, messages, and parameters that are available in your environment.

About this task

DITA-OT ships with a Gradle build script that enables you to rebuild the toolkit documentation. The build script reads the toolkit’s plug-in configuration and automatically regenerates topics and properties file templates based on the extension points, messages, and parameters provided by the installed plug-ins.

If you have installed new plug-ins, you may need to add the corresponding generated topics to the DITA maps to include the new information in the output.


  1. Change to the docsrc/ subdirectory of the DITA-OT installation.
  2. Run one of the following commands.
    • On Linux and macOS:
      ./gradlew target
    • On Windows:
      gradlew.bat target
    The target parameter is optional and specifies a transformation type. It takes the following values:
    • html
    • htmlhelp
    • pdf

    If you do not specify a target, HTML5 and PDF output is generated.