Installing plug-ins

Use the dita install subcommand to install plug-ins.


At the command-line prompt, enter the following command:
dita install <plug-in>


  • the optional <plug-in> argument is one of the following:
    • the unique ID of the plug-in as defined in the plug-in registry at (or a local registry)
    • the remote URL of the plug-in’s distribution ZIP file
    • the name of a local ZIP file
In earlier versions of DITA-OT (2.4–3.4), use the double-hyphen option syntax dita --install. In DITA-OT 2.0–2.3, use the single-hyphen form: dita -install.
If no ID, URL, or file argument is provided, the installation process reloads the current set of plug-ins from the plugins directory (or any custom locations defined via the pluginsdir property in the file in the config directory). This approach can be used to add or remove multiple plug-ins at once, or any individual plug-ins you have already copied to (or removed from) the plug-in directories. Any plug-ins added or removed in the process will be listed by their plug-in ID.