Generate lists (gen-list)

The gen-list step examines the input files and creates lists of topics, images, document properties, or other content. These lists are used by later steps in the pipeline. This step is implemented in Java.

For example, one list includes all topics that make use of the conref attribute; only those files are processed during the conref stage of the build. The list file name name is derived from the list file property. For example, the conref.list file is generated for “conreffile” and a corresponding list property is provided for each generated list, in this case “conreflist”.

The result of this step is a set of several list files in the temporary directory, including dita.list and

List file property List file Usage
canditopicsfile canditopics.list
conreffile conref.list Documents that contain conref attributes that need to be resolved in preprocess.
conreftargetsfile conreftargets.list
copytosourcefile copytosource.list
flagimagefile flagimage.list
fullditamapandtopicfile fullditamapandtopic.list All of the ditamap and topic files that are referenced during the transformation. These may be referenced by href or conref attributes.
fullditamapfile fullditamap.list All of the ditamap files in dita.list
fullditatopicfile fullditatopic.list All of the topic files in dita.list
hrefditatopicfile hrefditatopic.list All of the topic files that are referenced with an href attribute
hreftargetsfile hreftargets.list Link targets
htmlfile html.list Resource files
imagefile image.list Image files that are referenced in the content
outditafilesfile outditafiles.list
resourceonlyfile resourceonly.list
subjectschemefile subjectscheme.list
subtargetsfile subtargets.list
user.input.dir Absolute input directory path
user.input.file.listfile Input file list file
user.input.file Input file path, relative to the input directory