Eclipse help processing

The eclipsehelp transformation generates XHTML-based output and files that are needed to create an Eclipse Help system plug-in. Once the normal XHTML process has run, the target is used to create a set of control files and navigation files.

Eclipse uses multiple files to control the plug-in behavior. Some of these control files are generated by the build, while others might be created manually. The following Ant targets control the Eclipse help processing:
Sets up various default properties
Creates the XML file that defines an Eclipse table of contents
Creates the sorted XML file that defines an Eclipse index
Creates the plugin.xml file that controls the behavior of an Eclipse plug-in
Creates a Java properties file that sets properties for the plug-in, such as name and version information
Creates a MANIFEST.MF file that contains additional information used by Eclipse
Checks for the presence of certain control files in the source directory, and copies those found to the output directory
Works in conjunction with the and targets to control Eclipse fragment files, which are used for versions of a plug-in created for a new language or locale

Several of the targets listed above have matching templates for processing content that is located outside of the scope of the map directory, such as