Common HTML-based processing

After the pre-processing operation runs, HTML-based builds each run a common series of Ant targets to generate HTML file. Navigation may be created before or after this set of common routines.

After the pre-processing is completed, the following targets are run for all of the HTML-based builds:

  • If the args.css parameter is passed to the build to add a CSS file, the copy-css target copies the CSS file from its source location to the relative location in the output directory.
  • If a DITAVAL file is used, the copy-revflag target copies the default start- and end-revision flags into the output directory.
  • The DITA topics are converted to HTML files. Unless the @chunk attribute was specified, each DITA topic in the temporary directory now corresponds to one HTML file. The dita.inner.topics.xhtml target is used to process documents that are in the map directory (or subdirectories of the map directory). The dita.outer.topics.xhtml target is used to process documents that are outside of the scope of the map, and thus might end up outside of the designated output directory. Various DITA-OT parameters control how documents processed by the dita.outer.topics.xhtml target are handled.