Installing plug-ins

Use the dita command to install a plug-in.


At the command-line prompt, enter the following command:
dita-ot-dir/bin/dita --install=plug-in-zip


  • dita-ot-dir is the DITA-OT installation directory.
  • plug-in-zip is the filename or URL of the plug-in’s distribution ZIP file (optional).
Note: If no filename or URL argument is provided, the installation process reloads the current set of plug-ins from the plugins directory. This approach can be used to add or remove multiple plug-ins at once, or any individual plug-ins you have already copied to (or removed from) the plugins directory. Any plug-ins added or removed in the process will be listed by their plug-in ID.
Tip: Add the absolute path for dita-ot-dir/bin to the PATH environment variable to run the dita command from any location on the file system without typing the path.