Globalization support

DITA Open Toolkit offers globalization support in the following areas: generated text, index sorting, and bi-directional text.

Generated text
Generated text is text that is rendered automatically in the output that is generated by DITA-OT; this text is not located in the DITA source files. The following are examples of generated text:
  • The word "Chapter" in a PDF file.
  • The phrases "Related concepts," "Related tasks," and "Related reference" in HTML output.
Index sorting
DITA-OT can use only a single language to sort indexes.
Bi-directional text
DITA-OT contains style sheets (CSS files) that support both left-to-right (LTR) and right-to-left (RTL) languages in HTML based transformations. PDF supports both LTR and RTL rendering based on the document language. The @dir attribute can be used to override the default rendering direction.
When DITA-OT generates output, it takes the first value for the @xml:lang attribute that it encounters, and then it uses that value to create generated text, perform index sorting, and determine which default CSS file is used. If no value for the @xml:lang attribute is found, the toolkit defaults to U.S. English. You can use the to change the default language.