Internal Ant properties

Reference list of Ant properties used by DITA-OT internally.

A space-separated list of link roles to be output; the #default value token represents links without an explicit role (those for which no @role attribute is defined). Defined by args.rellinks, but may be overridden directly. Valid roles include:
  • parent
  • child
  • sibling
  • friend
  • next
  • previous
  • cousin
  • ancestor
  • descendant
  • sample
  • external
  • other
An internal property for use with custom transform types; this property can be used to place all output in an internal directory, so that a final step in the transform type can do some form of post-processing before the files are placed in the specified output directory.

For example, if a custom HTML5 transform sets the property to zip_dir, all output files (including HTML, images, and CSS) will be placed within the directory zip_dir in the temporary processing directory. A final step can then be used to add more files, zip the directory, and return that zip to the designated output directory.