The content key in header or footer can be used to add text to running header or footer content. Content can include static text, or reference variables using curly braces.

The following variable fields are currently supported:

  • title: Map title
  • chapter: Map chapter title
  • folio: current page number
  • folio-with-total: current page number with total number of pages
  • page-number: current page number
  • page-count: total number of pages
  • year: current year
  content: '{title}  {chapter}'
  border-after: solid 1pt black

To define separate headers or footers for recto (right) and verso (left) pages, use the odd and even keys.

  border-after: solid 1pt black
    content: '{title}'
    text-align: end
    content: '{chapter}'
    text-align: start