DITA Open Toolkit Release 1.8

General Enhancements and Changes


Additional validation has been added to check e.g. element ID uniqueness, and xml:lang and URI syntax.


Bundled FOP has been updated from 1.0 to 1.1.

Migration from previous releases

Stylesheets for the following transtypes have moved to plug-in specific folders:

  • eclipsehelp
  • htmlhelp
  • javahelp
  • odt
  • xhtml


The following deprecated Ant properties have been removed:

  • dita.script.dir, use ${dita.plugin.id.dir} instead
  • dita.resource.dir, use ${dita.plugin.org.dita.base.dir}/resource instead
  • dita.empty
  • args.message.file


XSLT Java extension ImgUtils has been removed from stylesheets and been replaced with preprocessing module ImageMetadataModule. The old ImgUtils Java classes are still included in the build.


The following deprecated XSLT stylesheets have been removed:

  • artwork-preprocessor.xsl
  • otdita2fo_frontend.xsl

The following deprecated XSLT templates have been removed:

  • insertVariable.old

The following deprecated XSLT modes have been removed:

  • layout-masters-processing
  • toc-prefix-text, use tocPrefix mode instead
  • toc-topic-text, use tocText mode instead

Link generation has been simplified by removing deprecated arguments in favour of args.rellinks. The following deprecated Ant properties have been removed:

  • args.fo.include.rellinks

The following XSLT parameters have been removed:

  • antArgsIncludeRelatedLinks
  • disableRelatedLinks

A call to a named template pullPrologIndexTerms.end-range has been added to processTopic* templates to handle topic wide index ranges.

Legacy PDF

The following deprecated XSLT stylesheets have been removed:

  • dita2fo-shell_template.xsl
  • topic2fo-shell.xsl


Link generation has been simplified by removing deprecated arguments in favour of args.rellinks. The following deprecated Ant properties have been removed:

  • args.odt.include.rellinks

The following XSLT parameters have been added:

  • include.rellinks

The following XSLT parameters have been removed:

  • disableRelatedLinks


The following items are included in DITA Open Toolkit Release 1.8. Issue numbers correspond to the tracking number in the GitHub issues tracker.

Feature requests

  • #1406 Bundle FOP 1.1 (milestone 1)
  • #1447 Move stylesheets and resource files to plug-in folder (milestone 1)
  • #1449 Add support for Slovenian (milestone 1)
  • #1453 Add image metadata filter (milestone 1)
  • #1435 Add validation filter to debug-filter step
  • #1455 Remove deprecated features
  • #1460 "Get String" template should use parameter instead of variable
  • #1461 Move file list generation to Ant
  • #1465 New doc topic listing non-standard tweaks to preprocessed files
  • #1480 Correcting values for the @relcolwidth attribute
  • #1492 Line range extension to coderef processing
  • #1494 Move integrator configuration to lib/configuration.properties
  • #1495 Remove ancient doc directories


  • #1425 XHTML flagging included before imports (milestone 1)
  • #1428 Topic level calculated incorrectly for appendices (milestone 1)
  • #1427 Fix text overflow issue in lot/lof entries with long titles (milestone 1)
  • #1430 PDF transformation: Problems with index in OT 1.7 (milestone 1)
  • #1432 startcmd.sh broken in 1.7 (milestone 1)
  • #1433 Profiling filter included multiple times (milestone 1)
  • #1437 Fatal UTF-8 error in .job.xml (milestone 1)
  • #1456 XHTML Build failed when referencing subject scheme in different file path (milestone 1)
  • #1080 Index page range issues (milestone 2)
  • #1423 Formatting glitch in PDF index (milestone 2)
  • #1468 Reference to remote image does not appear in PDF (milestone 2)
  • #1469 @outputclass and @class values not passed from <chhead> to <tr> in XHTML output (milestone 2)
  • #1472 PDF output: whitespace not preserved in msgblock element (milestone 2)
  • #1475 Error received in console does not point correctly to location of published DITA Map (milestone 2)
  • #1477 Tables: using percentage in colwidth values [PDF2 plugin] (milestone 2)
  • #1464 Flagging a simpletable row throws off @keycol counting bug (milestone 2)
  • #1459 Link not created in the XHTML output for a xref/@keyref element
  • #1473 Troff output not working in latest build bug troff
  • #1498 White space will break tocjs
  • #1519 Latest code in develop branch fails to build PDF
  • #1528 PDF fails when topic referenced with and without topic ID (maintenance 1)
  • #1529 NPE when topichead has @copy-to and @chunk="to-content" (maintenance 1)
  • #1535 Specialized class cannot be handled during XML parsing (maintenance 1)
  • #1537 Whitespace issue when @conref is preceded by a linefeed in map <title> (maintenance 1)
  • #1538 Incorrect handling of topics outside of map path (maintenance 1)
  • #1531 CSS link generated with backslash on Windows (maintenance 2)
  • #1532 Keyref link generated with backslash and %5C on Windows (maintenance 2)
  • #1540 Add missing @class attribute to <navref> in chunking phase (maintenance 2)
  • #1547 startPageNumbering missing from some page sequence (maintenance 2)
  • #1073 Some elements are not handled correctly in troff transform (maintenance 3)
  • #1175 pdf2 plugin: PDF transform produces invalid FO doc with DITAVAL (flag on simpletable) (maintenance 3)
  • #1234 pdf2 plugin: Note image path broken for "other" note type (maintenance 3)
  • #1373 Cells of a Properties table misaligned in PDF output if Value column is missing (maintenance 3)
  • #1563 path2project generated PI is invalid in copy-to file (maintenance 3)
  • #1570 pdf2 plugin: 'Body first header' variable does not support 'prodname' parameter (maintenance 3)
  • #1571 pdf2 plugin: top level topic titles styled as normal text (maintenance 3)
  • #1581 pdf2 plugin: Change bars from DITAVAL crash FOP (maintenance 3)
  • #1584 Add basic table support to troff #1073 (maintenance 3)
  • #1585 Properties table cell misalligned if no value column #1373 (maintenance 3)
  • #1603 XSD schema for Machinery Task does not allow attributes in prelreqs element (maintenance 3)
  • #1597 mappull generates DOTX021E and DTX025E for resource only topicrefs to png files (maintenance 4)
  • #1604 Failed to read job file: XML document structures must start and end within the same entity. (maintenance 4)
  • #1622 Update some XSD fixes that were found by developers from PTC. Also (maintenance 4)
  • #1626 DIITA-OT1.8.M2\plugins\org.dita.pdf2\lib\fo.jar does not include the xep directory (maintenance 4)
  • #1639 xhtml output replaces backslash in @href with escaped character (DOT 1.8M2) (maintenance 4)
  • #1640 ODT publishing doesn't work (DITA OT 1.8M2) (maintenance 4)
  • #1641 Legacy PDF doesn't work (DITA OT 1.8M2) (maintenance 4)
  • #1645 Conversion of File to URL is not properly done in several places (maintenance 4)
  • #1647 Illegal file separator used in created URI (DITA OT 1.8M2) (maintenance 4)