DITA Open Toolkit

The DITA Open Toolkit, or DITA-OT for short, is a set of Java-based, open-source tools that provide processing for DITA maps and topic content.

You can download the toolkit and install it for free to get started with topic-based writing and publishing.

Download DITA-OT

DITA Open Toolkit features

The DITA Open Toolkit is primarily a publishing tool used to convert DITA content into various output formats.

Supported versions of DITA

The toolkit supports all standard versions of DITA, including 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2, with preview support for 1.3.

In addition, it will still process documents that were written according to the pre-OASIS version of DITA, often called "dita132".

Supported transformation types

The following transformation types are supported out of the box with any toolkit installation:

The toolkit’s plug-in mechanism allows new transformation types to be added. TocJS and PDF output was originally provided via separately installable plug-ins, which became widespread enough that they are now bundled together with the default toolkit installation.


The DITA Open Toolkit is licensed for use under the Apache License 2.0. A copy of the Apache License 2.0 can be found at the root directory of the DITA Open Toolkit deliverable package.

If, at the time of use, the Project Management Committee has designated another version of this license or another license as being applicable to the DITA Open Toolkit, user may select to have its subsequent use of the DITA Open Toolkit governed by such other designated license.