Installing DITA-OT via Homebrew

An alternative installation method can be used to install DITA-OT via Homebrew, one of the most popular open-source package managers on macOS and Linux.

Before you begin

The steps below assume you have already installed Homebrew according to the instructions at

Tip: Verify that your PATH environment variable begins with the bin subfolder of the Homebrew installation directory 1 to ensure that Homebrew-installed software takes precedence over any programs of the same name elsewhere on the system.


  1. Update Homebrew to make sure the latest package formulas are available on your system:
    $ brew update
    Already up-to-date.

    Homebrew responds with a list of any new or updated formulæ.

  2. Optional: Check the version of DITA-OT that is available from Homebrew:
    $ brew info dita-ot
    dita-ot: stable 4.0.2
    DITA Open Toolkit is an implementation of the OASIS DITA specification
    /usr/local/Cellar/dita-ot/4.0.2 (number of files, package size) *
      Built from source on YYYY-MM-DD at hh:mm:ss
    ==> Requirements
    Required: java >= 1.8 ✔

    The version of the DITA-OT formula is shown, along with basic information on the package.

  3. Install the dita-ot package:
    $ brew install dita-ot

    Homebrew will automatically download the latest version of the toolkit, install it in a subfolder of the local package Cellar and symlink the dita command to the bin subfolder of the Homebrew installation directory.

  4. Optional: Verify the installation:
    $ which dita

    The response confirms that the system will use the Homebrew-installed version of DITA-OT.

  5. Optional: Check the DITA-OT version number:
    $ dita --version
    DITA-OT version 4.0.2
    The DITA-OT version number appears on the console.


You can now run the dita command to transform DITA content.

1 Homebrew’s default installation location depends on the operating system architecture:
  • /usr/local on macOS Intel
  • /opt/homebrew on macOS ARM
  • /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew on Linux