Other parameters

These parameters enable you to reload style sheets that DITA-OT uses for specific pre-processing stages.


Specifies whether DITA-OT reloads the XSL style sheets that are used for the transformation. The allowed values are true and false; the default value is false.

During the pre-processing stage, DITA-OT processes one DITA topic at a time, using the same XSLT stylesheet for the entire process. These parameters control whether Ant will use the same Transformer object in Java, the object that handles the XSLT processing, for all topics, or create a separate Transformer for each topic.

The default (false) option uses the same Transformer, which is a little faster, because it will not need to parse/compile the XSLT stylesheets and only needs to read the source trees with document() once. The downside is that it will not release the source trees from memory, so you can run out of memory.

Tip: For large projects that generate Java out-of-memory errors during transformation, set the parameter to true to allow the XSLT processor to release memory. You may also need to increase the memory available to Java.