DITA Open Toolkit 2.5

The DITA Open Toolkit, or DITA-OT for short, is a set of Java-based, open-source tools that provide processing for XML content authored in the Darwin Information Typing Architecture.

Note: While the DITA standard is owned and developed by OASIS, the DITA Open Toolkit project is governed separately. DITA-OT is an independent, open-source implementation of the DITA standard.

DITA-OT documentation

The DITA Open Toolkit documentation provides information about installing, running, configuring and extending the toolkit. Each part is available in the navigation panel.

  • See the DITA Open Toolkit 2.5.4 Release Notes for information on the changes in the current release.
  • Getting Started provides a guided exploration of the DITA Open Toolkit. It is geared for an audience that has little or no knowledge of build scripts or DITA-OT parameters. It walks the novice user through installing the toolkit and building output.
  • The User Guide is designed to provide basic information about using the DITA-OT. It is geared for an audience that needs information about running the toolkit, generating output, and troubleshooting builds.
  • The Parameter Reference is designed to help users to locate information easily and quickly. It includes documentation for dita command arguments and options, DITA-OT parameters, and configuration properties.
  • The Developer Reference is designed to provide more advanced information about the DITA-OT. It is geared to an audience that needs information about the DITA-OT architecture, extending the DITA-OT, and creating DITA-OT plug-ins.