DITA to Eclipse Content

The eclipsecontent transformation generates normalized DITA files and Eclipse control files. It originally was designed for an Eclipse plug-in that dynamically rendered DITA content, but the output from the transformation can be used by other applications that work with DITA.

Normalized DITA files have been through the DITA Open Toolkit pre-processing operation. In comparison to the source DITA files, the normalized DITA file are modified in the following ways:
  • Map-based links, such as those generated by map hierarchy and relationship tables, are added to the topics.
  • Link text is resolved.
  • Any DTD or Schema reference is removed.
  • Class attributes that are defaulted in the DTD or Schema are made explicit in the topics.
  • Map attributes that cascade are made explicit on child elements.
The normalized DITA files have an extension of .xml.