Supported languages: PDF transformations

The DITA Open Toolkit supports a smaller set of languages for the PDF (pdf2) transformation. This transformation was donated to the DITA-OT project after the project inception, and it uses a different and larger set of generated text than the HTML-based transformations.

Table 1. Supported languages: PDF transformation
Language Language code
Arabic ar or ar-EG
Catalan ca-ES
Chinese (simplified) zh-CN or zh-Hans
Croatian hr or hr-HR
Czech cs or cs-CZ
Danish da or da-DK
Dutch nl or nl-NL
English (US) en or en-US
Finnish fi or fi-FI
French fr or fr-FR
German de or de-DE
Hebrew he or he-IL
Hungarian hu or hu-HU
Icelandic is or is-IS
Italian it or it-IT
Japanese ja or ja-JP
Latvian lv or lv-LV
Norwegian no or no-NO
Polish pl or pl-PL
Portuguese pt or pt-PT
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-PR
Romanian ro or ro-RO
Russian ru or ru-RU
Slovak sk or sk-SK
Slovenian sl or sl-SI
Spanish es or es-ES
Swedish sv or sv-SE
Turkish tr or tr-TR