Running the demo build

After you install the full-easy-install package, run the demo build to see the type of output that is produced by the DITA Open Toolkit.


  1. Run the startcmd file that is applicable for your operating system.
    The startcmd.bat and files are in the directory where you installed the DITA-OT.
  2. From the DITA-OT shell, enter the following command:
    ant -f build_demo.xml
    You receive the following prompt:
    [echo] Please enter the filename for the DITA map that you 
    [echo] want to build including the directory path (if any). 
    [echo] The filename must have the .ditamap extension. 
    [echo] Note that relative paths that climb (..) are not supported yet. 
    [echo] To build the sample, press return without entering anything. 
    [input] The DITA map filename: [C:\DITA-OT1.6.M5\samples\hierarchy.ditamap]
  3. Press Enter.
    You receive the following prompt:
    [echo] Please enter the name of the output directory or press return 
    [echo] to accept the default. 
    [input] The output directory (out): [out]
  4. Press Enter.
    You receive the following prompt:
    [echo] Please enter the type of output to generate. 
    [echo] Options include: eclipse, tocjs, htmlhelp, javahelp, pdf, or web 
    [echo] Use lowercase letters. 
    [input] The output type: (eclipse, tocjs, htmlhelp, javahelp, pdf, [web], docbook)
  5. Press Enter to accept the default transformation type: web.
    This will build XHTML files from the DITA source.
    You receive the following prompt:
    [echo] Ready to build C:\DITA-OT1.6.M5\samples\hierarchy.ditamap 
    [echo] for web in out 
    [input] Continue? (Y, [y], N, n)
  6. Press Y or y to start the DITA-OT transformation.
    The DITA-OT logs information to the command-prompt or terminal window. At the end, you see the following information:
    [echo] output in the out directory 
    [echo] Before rebuilding, please delete the output or the directory. 
    BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: X minutes X seconds
  7. Go to the out/ directory and open the toc.html file in a Web browser.
    Figure 1. XHTML output for the sample files
    The garage sample files transformed to XHTML and viewed in a Web browser


The DITA-OT transformed the hierarchy.ditamap file (located in the samples directory) to XHTML; it wrote the output to the out/ directory.