Implementation dependent features


Supported chunking methods:

  • select-topic
  • select-document
  • select-branch
  • by-topic
  • by-document
  • to-content
  • to-navigation.

When no chunk attribute values are given, no chunking is performed.

Note: In effect, for HTML based transformation types this is equivalent to select-document and by-document defaults.

Error recovery:

  • When two tokens from the same category are used, no error or warning is thrown.
  • When an unrecognized chunking method is used, no error or warning is thrown.


Error recovery:

  • When there are multiple revprop elements with the same val attribute, no error or warning is thrown
  • When multiple prop elements define a duplicate attribute and value combination, attribute default, or fall-back behaviour, DOTJ007E error is thrown.

Debug attributes

The debug attributes are populated as follows:

absolute system path of the source document
element counter that uses the format
element-name ":" integer-counter ";" line-number ":" column-number

Image scaling

If both height and width attributes are given, image is scaled non-uniformly.

If scale attribute is not an unsigned integer, no error or warning is thrown during preprocessing.

Map processing

When a topicref element that references a map contains child topicref elements, DOTX068W error is thrown and the child topicref elements are ignored.

Link processing

When the value of href attribute is not a valid URI reference, DOTJ054E error is thrown. Depending on error recover mode, error recover may be attempted.

Copy-to processing

When the copy-to attribute is specified on a topicref, the content of the shortdesc element is not used to override the short description of the topic.