Who We Are

DITA Open Toolkit is maintained and developed by a team of volunteer developers.

The toolkit was originally developed within IBM and was open sourced in 2005. Since that time, DITA-OT has been updated significantly by various companies and individuals.

Core Committers

Robert D Anderson

Robert is the project lead and core developer of DITA-OT, representing IBM. He's also the co-editor of the OASIS DITA specification.

Jarno Elovirta

Jarno is the lead developer of DITA-OT, working on the project as an individual contributor on his spare time. He occasionally writes development related posts at jelovirt.github.io.

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Additional Contributors

Previous Contributors

  • Eric Sirois, IBM — Core developer
  • 沈剑乐 (Jian Le Shen, “Jason”), IBM — Primary developer within IBM
  • Reuven Weiser, Suite Solutions — PDF2 plug-in developer
  • Don Day, IBM — Original project lead
  • Stephen Zhang, IBM — Primary developer through the first several years of the toolkit
  • Chris Wong — Original contributor of the PDF2 plugin
  • Deborah Pickett, Moldflow — Frequent developer and contributor
  • Dick Johnson and Anna van Raaphorst, VR Communications, Inc — Original contributors of the DITA User Guide
  • Rob Justice, individual contributor — DITA-OT documentation
  • Aryeh Sanders, Suite Solutions — PDF2 plug-in developer