Rebuilding the DITA-OT documentation

The DITA-OT ships with Ant scripts that enable you to rebuild the toolkit documentation. This is especially helpful if your environment contains plug-ins that add new extension points, messages, or parameters to the toolkit.

About this task

The documentation build script reads the toolkit’s plug-in configuration and automatically regenerates topics and properties file templates based on the extension points, messages, and parameters provided by the installed plug-ins.

Attention: If you have installed new plug-ins, you may need to add the corresponding generated topics to the DITA maps to include the new information in the output.


  1. Change to the docsrc directory.
  2. Run the following command:
    ant -f build.xml target
    The target parameter is optional and specifies a transformation type. It takes the following values:
    • html
    • htmlhelp
    • pdf

    If you do not specify an Ant target, HTML5 and PDF output is generated.