Building output using the dita command

You can invoke DITA-OT and build output using the dita command.


  1. DITA-OT client is a command-line tool, there is no graphic user interface. Open a terminal window by typing the following in search bar:
    • On OS X and Linux type Terminal.
    • On Windows type Command Prompt
  2. From the terminal window, issue the following command:
    install-dir/bin/dita -f transformation-type -i input-file -o output-dir


    • install-dir is the DITA-OT installation directory path.
    • transformation-type is the transformation type.
    • input-file is the DITA map or DITA file path that you want to process.
    • output-dir is the output directory path for generated output.
    If processing is successful, nothing is printed on the terminal window.


The following command generates HTML5 output for the sequence.ditamap file and specifies the output is written to the test directory

dita -f html5 -i samples/sequence.ditamap -o test